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Demand And Supply: Why I Launched The Kitchen CEO

Aspiring founders of future food brands often approach their new ventures with excitement and immense ambition. Their vision is often to become a household name sold on every grocery shelf in the country. Though many have solid business plans and a bold willingness to risk their savings accounts to support this dream, a significant number fail. In my experience, the reason for failure is often the result of a lack of industry insights leading to miscalculations in one or a combination of the following categories: pricing, forecasting, budgeting, and consumer targeting. This workshop focuses on the latter. My rationale? The consumer should always be your starting point. Founders should clearly define and understand whom their making the product for to best position themselves to compete in the very crowded CPG space. Although my aim with this workshop is to assist you with laying the consumer foundation first, I definitely have the resources to assist with pricing, forecasting, and many other areas. Visit to learn more. The adage is true, you don’t know what you don’t know. Many aspiring founders believe that industry-agnostic business planning templates and a successful friends and family fundraising round (if they’re lucky) are sufficient when it comes to launching their packaged food products. Nothing couldn’t be further from the truth. Food industry insights and best practices are crucial to thwart major devastating missteps that could spell your doom before you even begin.

This workshop serves as an extension of the company mission of my company, to democratize and disseminate industry-based knowledge to empower and support pre-launch and early-stage CPG founders.


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