What is the process of becoming a TKCEO founder?

Prospective founders initially complete an asssessment to determine readiness. If the founder meets the criteria, they are invited to participate in an upcoming program cycle. Program cycles rotate monthly and prospective founders can select the cycle start date that works best for them.

How long is each program cycle?

Founders have up to six monthss to complete their program cycle. Additionally, founders will have year-long access to the full TKCEO resource portal.

Do all TKCEO founders follow an identical program structure?

No. The value of The Kitchen CEO is that each founder has a customized experience based on specific factors such as launch plan priorities, product category, and distribution strategy.

Understanding that The Kitchen CEO isn't the traditional founder-advisor engagement, are there options for longer-term advising and consulting?

Absolutely. Although each founder recieves equity free micro-advising during their program cycle, you have the option to extend support beyond The Kitchen CEO through our parent company, Savvy Food Consulting.

What is a food business navigator?

The Kitchen CEO is classified as a food business navigator to differentiate our offering from traditional startup support options such as incubators, accelerators, and traditional business consulting.

Our offering isn’t traditional consulting, nor is it simply a course. We offer business resources but we’re not an incubator, and we prepare brands for funding, however we’re not an accelerator. We’re a navigator. We provide founders with guidance through a range of touch-points such as one-on-one discussions, food and grocery-specific planning guides, launch plan templates, and access to industry data.

Just like the navigation system in your car, we provide founders with a roadmap outlining the best routes to avoid detours, while highlighting helpful points of interest along the way to your final destination.

What is The Kitchen CEO

The Kitchen CEO was developed to democratize industry-based knowledge to empower and support pre-launch and early stage food CPG founders. In fact, that is our company mission.

We exist to provide guidance to food CPG founders who are building their launch plans and need food industry expertise to fill the gaps. As the old adage says “you don’t know what you don’t know” and unless you have deep CPG or grocery retail experience, chances are your business plan will be incomplete and you run the risk of low product-market fit, omiting key budget elements, and miscalculating your forecast.

We believe that aspiring food entrepreneurs deserve access to industry insights, best practices, and resources to inform their commercialization efforts and increase the likelihood for success.

Will I have to give up equity in order to become a TKCEO founder?

No, The Kitchen CEO does not take equity for participation and founders retain 100% ownership and control of their commpanies.


On completion of this course you will be able to: Describe how to implement a robust structured cross-functional innovation involved in upfront research and how this informs product development, product positioning and the power of your brand. Exinnovation and the steps that can be applied to protect your brand. Describe what’s needed for successful brand agency interequired for consistency and efficiency in your processes. Describe tools that support sustainable performance.

Time Committment

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